Common misconceptions

My customer's don't lease

From the local corner shop, doctor or solicitor to the Time Top 100 companies, they all lease.

The businesses I deal with are too large to lease

All kinds of companies lease. Big ones, small ones, all sizes. We lease to small privately owned businesses to the largest corporations�everyone leases!

Leasing is too expensive

Nobody has "cheaper" money than banks, insurance companies and investment houses - they all lease.

People would never lease if they understood how much it cost

Tell that to all the accounting firms that lease.

Leasing is only for deadbeats

Haven't you been reading this? Start back at the top! Leasing companies have to live with their lessees for up to 7 years. If you won't trust them for 30 days don't ask us to give them long term credit!

Leasing only works for companies that can't afford to pay cash

Wrong. Companies lease because they have better uses for their money. They may earn more on the money than they pay to get it, or they may wish to retain cash and credit reserves against bad or uncertain times.

My customers don't ask about leasing so they obviously don't lease

If you don't advertise or call on prospects they won't call you�if you don't tell them about features that differentiate you from your competition, they won't buy your product. Tell your customers you have a leasing scheme - it will further differentiate you from your competitors. Many customers don't ask because they're just not thinking or have not used leasing before. Tell them they can get your product for �XX a month instead of �XXXXX and they'll be grateful even if they don't lease.

Credit approval is a hassle

The majority of our decisions take place the same day, sometimes within the hour. We bet we approve leases faster than your customers approve capital expenditure!

Leasing is only for large acquisitions

Wrong. Large and small deals alike are done with leasing. We've written lots more leases for �5000 than we have �1000000.

Prospects will be insulted if I propose a lease

Telling a prospect about leasing options is no more insulting than telling a customer who like blue that your product comes in white! Prospects appreciate knowing what their options are. By including leasing you give a more professional sales presentation because you've considered all of your customer's needs, financial as well as product.

Leasing slows down the close

There are no better closing tools:

"Do you want to purchase or lease it?"

"You've calculated your monthly savings as �YY per month against a lease cost of �XX per month, so you'll be guaranteed a �ZZ per month increased cash flow from the start."

"All I need to process this order is your signature."

Leasing paperwork is complicated

Not ours, and we complete everything for you.

Leasing companies won't consider new businesses

It depends on the size of the transaction compared to the new business' resources and the credit history of the principals. We work hard to get new businesses credit because they're an important part of your market.

All leasing companies are the same

No way. The package we offer is yours; designed to reflect your specific needs. It will continue to evolve as your needs dictate. You are unique so the package to fit your needs is like no other.


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